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The next step in the development of the Bredfield Neighbourhood Plan is to gain detailed feedback regarding the relative merits of potential building sites identified in the Bredfield NHP survey held in the autumn of 2016.

The sites have been evaluated against the following criteria of Suitability, Availability, Achievability and community following government Planning Practice Guidance (PPG).

A detailed assessment of each site can be found by clicking on the link below.

NHP Site Assessment:

NHP Site Assessment 2nd Tranche:

This is your opportunity to comment further on the proposed sites by completing the comments box below. Please ensure that you make it clear which site your comments refer to by including the site reference number and name. The closing date for comments relating to the 2nd tranche is Friday 28th July.

Enter the details required and your comments.

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Alternatively you may make comments in writing to the Parish Council.



  1. By Julie Crabb on July 23, 2017

    B5: Caters Road, west of Maytree Cottage

    Caters Road is a very quiet single track lane of local socio-historic interest and biodiversity which I would be concerned to see disturbed by a new development.
    There is no room for footpaths, there is happily no current light pollution and without damaging alteration to the environment, would not in my view be a suitable site for an economically viable development.

  2. By Stewart Belfield on April 14, 2017

    B4 The Street

    I have grave concerns regarding housing development on this site. In addition to the issues already raised, the problem of the width of The Street in this section and the number of access point existing already, make further development extremely dangerous.

    Sight lines for access to the road are very poor here and new development will inevitable lead to further problems. Despite any arrangements for off-road parking, it is inevitable that delivery vehicles (of which there will be an increasing number), visitors and utility vehicles will further clog the road and cause problems for all passing traffic (including buses, DJ Spall's trucks, utility vehicles, etc). A serious road accident is inevitable!

    Further, I think that there is little or no scope for any minor widening of the road for this short section (not least because of the presence of gas pipes on the northern edge of the road).

    As the father of a 7 year old child, I feel extremely concerned about his welfare if such a potentially hazardous development should take place.

    Stewart Belfield

  3. By John & DianeTodd on April 14, 2017

    Tudor Cottage is a Grade II listed building and is widely accepted to be the prettiest and one of the oldest houses in the village. It has stood here undisturbed for over 400 years in its tranquil rural setting with its rear curtilage containing a huge diversity of birds, animals and wild flowers. What right have we to damage this environment with noise and visual pollution so that the villagers lose the rural setting and views that they so love? This environment should be preserved for future generations to enjoy, as we have done.
    This is the reason that planning permission has already been refused. The planning laws are there to protect our treasured heritage.

  4. By Christine Johnson on April 4, 2017

    B10, WOODBRIDGE ROAD OPPOSITE GLEBE ROAD - I am concerned about the potential number of vehicles (occupants and visitors) associated with developing this site. Likely vehicular access to new housing would be from the road as it bends right (heading north) – the sightline of which impacts already on the visibility for cars pulling out of Pump Close and Glebe Road. This portion of Woodbridge Road already has a significant amount of heavy traffic and is a busy through route to the bulk of the village and beyond.
    Parking is already an issue in the proximity of the site with verges being used and unsafe parking within Pump Close near its junction with Woodbridge Road. There are also two bus stops on either side of the road near this point.

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