Our ref: A12 Bredfield/Melton/Ufford

Date: 5 July 2018

Enquiries to: Suffolk Highways

Tel: 0345 606 6171 Email: customer.service@suffolk.gov.uk


We will be carrying out road resurfacing works along the A12 Bredfield, Melton and Ufford. This is necessary to stop further deterioration and improve the road surface.

The work is planned to be carried out overnight between the 18th July 2018 and 24 July 2018 during the hours of 7pm and 5am each night.

The times and dates of works may change depending on the weather conditions. If they do change, we will let you know by updating the information signs on site.

During the works there will be a speed limit control in place at the following locations:-

• A12 Bredfield – 30mph from B1438 junction for 500 metres southbound

• A12 Melton – 10mph from a point 500 metres southbound from B1438 for a further 800 mtres southbound

• A12 Ufford – 30mph from a point 1300 metres southbound from B1438 for a further 500 metres southbound

Traffic will be routed by a convoy system past the works area.

These temporary traffic management measures are required to allow the works to be carried out safely and in accordance with current health and safety guidelines. Please see the information over the page for more details of how access to your property will be affected by the works, as well as other frequently asked questions.

If you have any other questions about the work, please call us on: 0345 606 6171. Once we have completed the works, it would be helpful if you could take a few moments to complete a short survey at www.suffolk.gov.uk/suffolk-highways-survey. Your answers will help us improve our service in the future.

Yours faithfully

Suffolk Highways
Frequently asked questions:

You have said that my road will be closed. Will I still be able to get in and out of my property? Yes, the majority of the time you will be able to gain access on foot. When the road is closed, staff on site will be able to make sure that you can get through safely. However, the nature of the work may prevent vehicular access during this time. If we are working directly outside your property, we will do everything we can to make sure that you still get in when you want to. However, if, for example we are digging up the road or path right outside your property, there may be periods of around 15-20 minutes when you may temporarily not be able to get in or out. What about access for other services including emergency services? We notify the emergency services, local bus operators and councils for bin collections. If an emergency vehicle needs to get in, access would immediately be made available.

I run a business – how will people know if it is open? We know it’s important customers are aware businesses are open, so where appropriate we will put up notices or display signs saying ‘Businesses open as usual’.

Tel: 0345 606 6171 Report it: www.suffolk.gov.uk/report-a-highways-problem