Bredfield Traffic Reports

Speeding traffic within Bredfield has long been an issue. To address the problem the Parish Council has invested in a speed sign that can be moved between dedicated locations within the village. Suffolk County Council advised on suppliers of the equipment and supported the purchase with a grant of £1000 pounds. The location of the mounting posts was governed and granted by Highways England who also paid for their installation.  

The speed sign incorporates a data collector that records information on traffic flows and the speed of vehicles exceeding the speed limit. The equipment does not take photographs or record vehicle registrations.  As funding becomes available consideration will be given to further enhancing the servicing and operability of the equipment. The data will be used to support traffic calming measures where there are known issues. 

The sign will be moved periodically between the locations shown in the table below.

Sign Location  Reports
 Scotts Lane C309 (Debach Road) Most recent traffic profile
The Street Most recent traffic profile
Woodbridge Road Most recent traffic profile