Church News

Church News

December 2015

As you can see our church repairs are progressing well. The inside of the tower parapet has been rendered and lots of repointing has been carried out which will help prevent another occurrence of falling wall facing such as we experienced in 2007. There is still more of this to do. We have received a supply of freshly cut stonework from the stonemason which has now been fitted. We also have had a delivery of newly knapped flints from the quarry at Castle Acre (via Needham Chalks) which our contractor has used to replace fallen flints in the tower.

You will also have seen that we now have repaired roofs and rainwater goods on the Chancel and Vestry. The kneeler stone on the north wall of the Nave has also been pinned on and repointed.

The roof repairs have been possible due  to a grant from The Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Scheme. There are still repairs needed to the porch roof and that of the Nave which will be carried out shortly (depending on the weather).

Two windows have been removed for repair and strengthening. These have been away now for several weeks and should be back in place by the time you read this. Some of the slate bell chamber louvres have also been replaced along with some of the stonework in and around the frames. A string course of slates has been repaired above these so that water is thrown away from the flintwork.

You will have noticed that scaffolding has now been removed from the Vestry and Chancel as the major repairs to these areas are now complete. By the time you read this the two top tiers of scaffolding will have been removed and the planks moved to a lower level so that further repointing can be carried out. At the moment we are on course (depending on the weather to have the repairs completed by the New Year.

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